Artwork Gallery Movie Score: 4 / 5

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  1. you can see me at 5:10, I’m wearing the´╗┐ flower headpiece around my head ­čÖé

  2. MarvinAndHisPosse

    This´╗┐ is only one side of the art gallery!

  3. 420 -3´╗┐

  4. That is just awesome. And to think that every one here has a job too. Maybe´╗┐ 10 % don’t lol.

  5. Nice video´╗┐ ­čÖé

  6. Spiritus34000

    PRELEPO !!!!

  7. Everyone buy “legal bud” (google it) and smoke legal bowls on a busy street. GET THE WORD OUT. (just make sure your pipe doesn’t have any resin with THC in it, to get around that, boil your pipe in water for a few minutes before smoking the legal bud) (Or smoke tobacco in marijuana´╗┐ pipes in public)

  8. zomgstfualready

    did´╗┐ i criticize muslims? no? so STFU

  9. thats the´╗┐ same argument that muslims make….if u criticized them they would fukk u up. how civilized the two of you.

  10. if´╗┐ it were an alcohol gathering….someone wouldve been shot.

  11. Ugh that day was so awesome :3´╗┐

  12. shinobitech13

    concentration camps should´╗┐ be´╗┐ opened for potheads and other drug using wastes. sXe!

  13. You would have killed thousands of innocent people. In one of your comments on a different video, you stated that cannabis was used in Hitler’s gas chambers to kill innocent people…Seems kind of hypocritical to state that you would drop tear gas on them, hm? Hitler wasn’t quite known for his use of attack dogs, but he did use them. Quite vicious things, might I add, they tore their victims apart and proceeded to feed on them until the command was´╗┐ given to stop. You sir, are the next hitler

  14. Hi, I’m a fellow youtube member and I’ve happened to smoke pot before, approximately 2 years ago I started. I have no desire to smoke crack or shoot up heroin and I’m not addicted. I will probably smoke weed this Friday to say goodbye to my friend, who’s leaving for a job. He smokes pot as well. He’s going to get a job of self-employment, making 23 USD an hour. He’s 19 fresh out of high school, and you’re banned on this commentary. Now take that bong out of your ass, it’s not an´╗┐ anal bead.

  15. This guy is trolling the shit out of you all. He is probably laughing´╗┐ his ass off and smoking a big J right now.

  16. Good one… Look on´╗┐ FaceBook for the link facebook{DOT}com/events/266539920029781/

  17. TheStupidkid94

    I wonder how many there were here compared to´╗┐ Boston’s Freedom Rally

  18. Why do you hate us,or do why don’t you like us? or is it something that happen to you when you where a boy, or maybe you have a stoner mom and dad, and you want to tell them what you think about marijuana, your going to have to open up someday, some of us (stoners) don’t like lies i hardly ever lie to myself, i think it’s easier to´╗┐ live in this world if im not lying to myself everyday, yeah i smoke weed everyday, so you tell us something interesting or fuck off, hows your ex? heh heh heh heh.

  19. Rustybucketofjunk

    such inteligence´╗┐

  20. According to @jailpothead’s….”ERIC HARRIS &´╗┐ DYLAN KLEBOLD WERE OUT OF THEIR MINDS ON POT WHEN THEY COMMITTED THE COLUMBINE HIGH SCHOOL MASSACRE. IT TOOK 12 WEEKS TO REMOVE´╗┐ THE STENCH OF POT FROM THE AREAS IN´╗┐ THE SCHOOL WHERE THEY WALKED DURING THE SHOOTINGS.” Why couldn’t they have just shot you 12 times, instead of killing 12 students. Plus, I can guarantee that if they were stoned, they wouldn’t have done it.

  21. zomgstfualready

    bro, you’re banned! looks like you cant reply, so suck my dick! ima smoke all the weed i want, and you cant even argue´╗┐ whether its good or bad. it must suck to be you. and as for the arrests, yeah fucking right. if you were a TRUE cop, you’d know potheads should be the least of your concerns, and that there are BIGGER fish to fry than ‘jailing potheads’. you’d know we are non-violent and pose no threat to society, and you want to throw us in jail for what? having munchies? fuck you, youre no cop


    I was looking at that too. There must be a wheel´╗┐ system and pole for that camera.

  23. I see me´╗┐ at 4:07 :p

  24. xGoneHuntiNx51

    thank you. he totally turned´╗┐ around my comment and it made no sense