Winning wildlife snaps go on show

An exhibit demonstrating the winners of previous year’s British Wildlife Photography Awards at Stockwood Discovery Centre, on 18th January in Luton. The magnificent exhibit of hundred photographic snaps of wildlife, including commended and winning snaps would be on display till March.

British Wildlife Photography Awards were made to celebrate both pro and amateur photographers’ talent, while highlighting the wealth of British natural history simultaneously. It has 12 separate categories. There is a very special category for Wildlife in HD Video.

With 12 separate classes including a very special category for Wildlife in HD Video, the awards beautifully reveal the grandness of the wildlife of the country. Also, there are 2 junior categories to urge young people to get in touch with nature with photography.

Well known television presenter and naturalist Chris Packham stated that these stunning pictures by so many talented photographers show the beauty, diversity and breadth the precious wildlife of the country as well as and the requirement to protect their habitats. British Wildlife Photography Awards are without any doubt one of the most significant photography awards in United Kingdom.

He added that anything here which raises the public’s awareness of the importance to protect and conserve Brit wildlife is quite close to his heart and these awards afford a spectacular insight in the habitat and behavior of the Brit wildlife.

The winning photographer would get #5000. Category winners would get a Canon PIXMA PRO 10 Printer and Canon PowerShot S110 Camera.


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