Voice of Art Pt. 1 – Street Art vs. Illegal Billboards

Artwork Gallery Video Ranking: 5 / 5

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  2. hahaha fuck yeah @ 1:37 chad muska is holding all the paint bottles. random.

  3. He’s right though! My Mom is fine….

  4. :c

  5. I would think LA would be THAT city to uphold and protect the arts- wow sad

  6. Francisco de la luz Gonzalez

    Less advertisement! More installations! More pieces! More Art!

    1love to The Others


  7. Long live God Long live Art

  8. Here it is:  cav3.bandcamp . com/track/juicy-sun-swingin-2

  9. Found out about this from NLO & I love street art so I had to see it.

  10. change is needed big time!

  11. its so dope learning about what really goes on in this world , art is beautiful , L.A needs to stop the hate !

  12. Watching this completely aggravates me because the money always seems to win. I completely agree with what they say & it’s really unfair that bc corporations have the money to manipulate & corrupt those in office, the right of artists to showcase true art is taken away. It’s also true that lots of people don’t really understand the issue or are unaware of it so the potential power that we have as a community is diminished bc of ignorance or lack of care. This matters. It’s our voices at stake

  13. Smash the state!

  14. you guys should check out sevilla, spain. There wall next to othe river is quite impressive

  15. A really interesting, thought provoking piece of video. Can’t wait for the rest of the series.

  16. im still a toy.

  17. let me tell you the same people who own me in blue and asked to make a crappy movie with guns aliens and ships are owned by the same people who made it cool fo sailors to get drunk stay drunk and generally say i own you cause your birthcertificate says i do… so it it the 7 seas or the 8th deadliest sin,…( its made of cotton and doesnt really exsist).


  19. i though one of the things that made graffiti art, graffiti art was the fact that it was illegal? why are they just now getting angry about it?

  20. i an artist too….i paint, draw, sculpture…what ever. how forunate we are to be chosen to color the world. paint on….anything i can do from the east coast please let me know…. we are art and music!!!

  21. Love at 7:15, as ong as you are not hurting Moms, Dogs and God, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM. i love it 🙂

  22. An otherwise fab video…around 7:50 and in particular 7:57 total cringe moment, not in a good way.