Turkin to take photography class

Ray Turkin, a fine art photographer fron Teaneck, will teach a 2 session class – Photo Editing for Beginners at Teaneck Community Education Center, on 17th  April and 24th April from 7 pm to 9 pm. Now do you have digital snaps but does not know what to do with those, then this classes are perfect for you. Join Ray’s class and learn how to process digital snaps on a computer.

Ray will keep things very simple as well as he will look at step-by-step procedures to organize snaps, make general adjustments, as well as share pictures with family and friends. To register for these class – call at 201 833 5514 or contact – Teaneck Community Education Center, One Merrison Street.

Turkin’s extensive travel and his interest in hiking have afforded him the scope to capture all the nature’s beauty with his camera. He generally emphasizes on the on the utilization of natural light to bring out subtle textures, colors, shapes and create moods.

He tales a course on – The Basics of Digital Photography of at The Art School at the Old Church in Demarest. He is also an instructor at Teaneck Community Education Center and at times he also offers private instruction. Ray Turkin also took a workshop on taking pictures of flowers at The Art Center of Northern New Jersey in New Milford. To add to that, he also conducts slide presentations which shows locations where he has gone and has arranged his “Meet the Artist” events.


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