The Sims 3 Building – Aluna Headlands Art Gallery – Aluna Island

Artwork Gallery Video clip Score: four / five

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  1. The Sim Supply

    New Video! The Sims 3 Building – Aluna Headlands Art Gallery – Aluna Island

  2. Derek Rubottom

    Didn’t you say never to build symmetrically? This is completely

  3. i was just scrolling through and i saw this 😮
    This was the first video i ever saw from you, the feels.

  4. xXPenguinKQueenXx

    30th comment! Wait….who would want to know that?

  5. StarryMuffins

    I was playing this in the background of my computer and suddenly just heard
    ‘But *my* toilet is a golden toilet!! :D’

  6. I don’t know exactly if I’m right or not, but I’m pretty sure that you’re
    one of the only 3 simmers that has over 100,000 subscribers! 😀 You, Curtis
    (TheCurtisParadisShow), and Quxxn (TheQuxxn)… Congratulations James!!!!!
    I love ya! All of us fans love ya!!!! 😀 Keep doing what you’re doing!!!!
    Byee! :D

  7. You know just casually laying on my kitchen table watching The simsupplys
    video……Don’t judge me! 

  8. James, will the lots you already built will be base game in new update of
    Aluna? Please put them in, because I only have Base Game! :/ Please? 🙂 :3

  9. TheSimCompany

    My computer broke and now i can’t play the sims anymore

  10. mega gamer gurls

    Omg I’m just so jealous of you cause you are such a good builder and well

  11. +The Sim Supply The toilet in the Sims 3’s art gallery is probably an
    allusion to Marcel Duchamp’s “Fountain”. In this piece, he took a urinal,
    signed it, and presented it as art. If I remember correctly, I think these
    kind of ‘art sculpture’ is called ‘ready mades’. I go to an art school and
    we had a lecture about different kinds of visual arts and we discussed how
    pieces like these were meant to question our view on art — how just
    because someone said it was art, it doesn’t necessarily mean it *was* art.
    Hope this explains the toilet-art for you! ^_^

  12. righthandleftfoot

    The yellow toilet though 🙂 LOL

  13. Taria Lorehand

    I am going to play with this.

  14. Felix Engarde

    Welcome to our new exhibit, the ‘Throne of Midas’

  15. Kinda reminds me of iron man’s house : 

  16. similar to Tony Starks house in iron man

  17. Sims get inspired in gallery ..gain painting skill faster and have better
    chance for masterpiece. 

  18. really wish you could just download aluna island with all the buildings in
    it because im lazy like that xD 

  19. Mmmmm, melon

  20. Rhiannon Winchester

    I think the toilet on the pedestal in Sunset Valley is a parody of a real
    piece of Modern art called “Fountain” by Marcel Duchamp. It’s basically the
    same, instead it’s a urinal on a pedestal. Apparently the artist shared
    your feelings about Modern art, that any old crap gets into galleries, and
    he wanted to take the piss on the whole thing. Also I love how your toilet
    is right next to the Venus De Milo (a very valuable piece of classical
    art!) I think this build should stay as a gallery simply for its satire

  21. xXSpacecatzinbarrelsXx

    Actually there is a point to art galleries. When your sim sells a painting,
    I can wind up there, and other sims can look at it. It’s like your selling
    it to the gallery, and it’s pretty cool and it makes sense.

  22. Kay Kay katie

    I love it

  23. That bed that you used that looks all scruffy and limit just came out of
    the dumping ground…what expansion pack or sims store?!

  24. Amiilia Femme

    Going back to the sims 3 feels weird because the graphics are much more

  25. Guillermo Fernandez

    can you do a mall in hte sims