Singapore Artist Ng Woon Lam Floral Oil Painting

Art Gallery Video Rating: four / five

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  1. wow, what a wonderful work of art, hope i could follow your style

  2. barneskelly192

    i like .. is Beautiful

  3. Beautiful, enjoyed watching your creative flow, thank you for sharing really excellent

  4. jaw dropingly beautiful.. ( i know its not a real word)

  5. Lucky20090427


  6. Wow, very ethereal, great inspiration for my art!

  7. only one word:AWESOME!!!

  8. beautifull, and danny boy playing in the background, my favorite song, 5*

  9. wow ..thank you for teh video ,,beautiful

  10. it’s cool thanks for the vid
    i like the background ^ ^

  11. This painting is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your very talented work.

  12. I benefited from you

    Thank for you

  13. I Benefited from you

    Thanks for yuo

  14. nice

  15. There we go. Three simple steps. Thank you, enjoyed watching.

  16. master paint..5*****

  17. Hope that will happen one day. Will let you know if I really have one Europe workshop.

  18. I love your paintings and would love to join your classes if you ever came to Europe. Any chance for that? Just can’t get enough of your art…. Thanks!

  19. AWESOME! HOPE to see painting lessons from you Sir You’re great I really want to learn painting thank you Sir and more painting vid to come

  20. AWESOME! bro Im also an artist and really great… job well done hope to see painting lessons from you sir thanks a lot and more painting

  21. I like work on dry surface. It is easier. But this painting has more wet on wet layer. Only the impasto was on dry. The rest were on wet surface. It took about total 2 hours over 2 different days.

  22. KarolinaGracjana

    beautiful painting.. thx :>>>

  23. nice, this made me want to paint! but I didn’t really care for the music.

  24. hiroshinakata

    Very nice. Still life painting, whether oil or other medium, is the most difficult thing to tackle, because of the complexity the subject imposes. Great deal of intellectual (artistic) approach is required, doesn’t it? I never succeeded in this area…

  25. Thank you. Just to share my approach. Hope everyone is having fun with oil painting. Cheers!!!