Safari Travelogue on photography Kenya forest parks

Pamela Peters, the Nature photographer, was the speaker at the Safari Museum travelogue presentation just last week. Pamela Peters spoke on a tour to Kenya that she took along with her aunt as well as others previous year to tour some of Kenyas reserves and national parks.

Pamela is a professor at the Lane College in Jackson, Tennessee as well as author of Photographing Kenyas Backyard. She also operates the Wild Radiance Photography, owned by her. Pamela added that a tour to Kenya was a more than an exciting scope to visit some of the places that had been visited by Martin and Osa Johnson. Pamelas Masters thesis was a documentary regarding Osa Johnson.

She told that for her, it was very exciting since she knew a lot of things about those places they were marching into, a whole lot of places that Osa had been probably. Pamela told that Johnsons spent some time in the region which is now called Maasai Mara National Reserve in Rift Valley region of Kenya. She further added that she used to have long days in Kenya and she liked to take snaps at sunrise.

As a photographer, she spend a lot of her time getting up very early and going to bed quite late. She added that she have had people travel with her and they hate traveling with her because she tell them that sunrise is at 5:30 and they have to beat the sun. Therefore they would go around 3:30 and they do not get done with the day till eleven at night.

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