Retired music band director now photographs wildlife

Pam Smith just had one job in her life and that was the band director at the Pleasant Valley High for 28 years. Once she went to Pleasant Valley, she felt very comfortable being the parent-away-from house for her band students.

She told that her students became her kids. At times she think that she was born to teach. Once you start, it becomes very natural and she enjoyed this very much. It was really a great experience for her. Her students were like her family.

Pam Smith moved hometown of Jasper in the year 1978 to go to the Jacksonville State University. There she received her BS, master’s as well as Ed.S degrees in music. In Walker County’s Cordova High School, she was a member of an all girl trumpet band.

She told that they would not let the girls play drums that is what she would have liked, so they would not let the boys be in their trumpet line. Pam told that she was very independent as a kid, almost to a fault.

Apart from music, she also had interest n photography. After her music career with the band ended, she spend more time with photography. Nature has always been her focus in her photography. She, in fact, has her website –

Pam Smith has been on 6 safaris to Africa to capture the snaps animals. She has been to South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania with her buddy Judy Glass and Larry Martin, a wildlife artist. She told that she has always liked photography and have always had a camera. After she made her first safari, she got really serious about it.


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