Process Art with THEFL | LA Street Art Gallery

Artwork Gallery Movie Ranking: five / five

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  1. Pure talent. Respect.

  2. what about his proccess is special from other people? is he saying his
    method is more in the moment? the piece looks unfinished

  3. Jaron – the GraffiteGhost nailed it. My process isn’t unique by any means
    :] There are many other artists like myself. Process art is a mentality /

  4. Amazing !! Good job

  5. yes

  6. TheGraffiteGhost

    artists usually focus on a final product of something. process art means
    he’s focused on what’s going on in the in-between from start to finish.
    he’s not working towards how the end subject looks. answer to your first &
    second question answers your last comment.

  7. Completely correct. I often go to walls with only my materials and then
    with no game plan – create. Sometimes the end result works, sometimes it
    doesn’t – in the public eye at least. For me – I got what I need from the
    experience, once the creative process is over. Same applies for canvas. I
    enjoy practicing all mediums. Process art is something I’m always defining
    and learning from.