New photography trend

In recent years, a high form of marriage photography named – trashing the dress has been in vogue. Now a bride in Israel has been criticized for taking it to another extreme level.
During a photo shoot on a beach in Tel Aviv, in Israel, Ms Natasha Samuel lit her wedding attire on fire deliberately for a post- wedding photo shoot.

After that, she ran into the sea to extinguish the flames. A fire extinguisher was also present at the spot to put out remaining flames. However, the photography community is not happy with this.

The photographer was Mr Eric Simantov. After a friend of the bride doused her wedding dress with flammable article and set the thing on fire, reported a leading news agency.

He told that all brides are looking for something which has not been done before. It was his idea to use actual fire; there was no use of Photoshop.

This ritual has increased rapidly in recent times across the world as women arrange for photographers to take picture of their marriage attire before it being destroyed. This is a target to create a picture which contrasts the beauty of wedding attire with mundane backgrounds.

A well known wedding planner told a leading newspaper that trashing the wedding dress absolutely is an increasing trend, and she is really excited to see the new things people come up with. She stated that this is very risky.


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