Joseph Bellows Gallery to Exhibit a New Exhibition

Another exhibition is on the card as Joseph Bellows Gallery is going to showcase the works of the esteemed photographer George Tice.

The exhibition, known as George Tice: Urban Landscapes, is going to showcase forty classic photographs of the artist that revolve around the geographical beauty of New Jersey, which happens to be the native place of Tice.

All the pictures are going to be very much appealing to the viewers as the photographs exhibit a rich flavor of the local places with an undertone of universal essence. Tices work will explore the American traditions anew which are presented in the works of two eminent creative persons, Walker Evans and Edward Hopper.

Photographs taken by Tice represent a time zone in the seventies era. According to him, evaluation of a photograph is a time-taking affair. It is a process of deciphering what is represented and how to look beyond the picture. Life, as depicted in the pictures, going through day after day , slowly gets included in the path of eternity. Over the time, his observation has developed to be more precise, and that is well represented in his works.

Mr. Tices work is comprised of some highly esteemed monograms and books. The mentionable monograms are – A New Jersey Portrait which was created in 1975, Urban Landscape and Paterson which dates back to 1972. In 2013, Tice got his book released, and that is Seldom Seen. This book is the collection of his photographs which have never been published before.

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