Jim Verhagen and his blog from the Northside

Jim Verhagen agreed that he is not at all the friendliest person to speak with on the beach. If you want to start a basic conversation with him, there is a possibility that he would walk right away from you in the middle of the conversation. It is not true that he does not like people; he really likes wildlife of LBI. He rather has an unusual relationship with a certain gull. However, Jim Verhagen is an integral part of the North Beach community.

Jim Verhagen maintains his WordPress blog called site Readings From the Northside. The site even has a pretty steady following. Jim was raised in North Beach, but later he went to Ithaca in New York for his college and his eventual career. In the year 2008, he bought a house in North Beach and sees the balance be there as much as possible.

Jim Verhagen stated that they got Readings From the Northside going in the year 2008 when there was a seal that crawled up from the water in North Beach one night at sunset. It was the most amazing thing. The name comes from him morning jaunt to the beach. Earlier he used to say – ā€˜Iā€™m going to the beach to take the readings,ā€™ by saying that he meant taking water temperatures and to see if there were shells or flies.

Earlier, it started as an amateur photographer blog to offer a taste of the beach, but later it turned into quite an endeavor. In the early 1990s, Jim entered into web hosting, designing and in e-commerce business.


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