In Living Color – Environment Guy “Art Gallery” [HD]

Artwork Gallery Movie Score: four / five

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  1. JimCarrey2JohnnyDepp

    I can do tht fall…. me and my friends call it the Jim Carrey Fall i get hurt every time XD

  2. :0

  3. What are you doing to my painting?!

    I’m giving it a sty!

  4. Look its beef

  5. 04:08 Still makes me laugh soo hard to this day

  6. evil peepilllll EVIL!

  7. mrsrockstarray

    Lmao its moon in ur face

  8. HeadBangerAust

    Lmao Jim is awesome, but that type of person is why I dislike hippies

  9. they ran over his mo-ped….

  10. HAHAHAHA…this will look real handy when they’re redecorating hell….

  11. 2:20 How dare he use an aerosol can, he is killing the ozone layer!

  12. CloneComander1138

    … You’ve been eating hamburger havn’t you?


    Smoke Screen Smoke Screen so the truth cannot be seen

  14. i care!

  15. CloneComander1138

    0:08 That girl i think is the same race as whatever tommy wiseau is.

  16. idontgiveaflyingtoss

    ACT UPSET darlings

  17. idontgiveaflyingtoss

    spell check.

  18. idontgiveaflyingtoss

    Why can’t you homosexuals be happy.

    It’s getting BORING.

  19. Knowledge3440

    Comical Genious

  20. What does critiquing artwork have anything to do with environmental protection?

  21. actually he was right about the eye one(Besides that king crab shit)

  22. what episode is it?

  23. johnwall2wizards

    1:55 lol jim carey just dissed illuminati

  24. MrFuturecanadian

    “This will come in hand when they redecorate hell!””