Improv Everywhere – Subway Art Gallery Opening

Artwork Gallery Video Rating: four / five

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  1. 2:01 that guys its work of art <3

  2. if i were homeless id be down there drinking too

  3. That is fabulous. <3

  4. usually that means that this arktwork is already sold.

  5. Ordinarily, a dot like that would indicate that a piece of art has been sold. Here, it’s just for effect.

  6. Love the music [=

  7. umm what was the red dot at the end for?

  8. I cant even imagine the message stuff like this sends to foreign tourists about america, its so funny, and they will believe its common practice

  9. lol

  10. All the people are whispering… even those that don’t know what’s going on… people are easily fooled. And you guys have a lot of fun with the subways don’t you :3

  11. the funny part is that in like 100 years people will actually walk around there like that but then it is a museum.

    “i can’t believe we humans actually lived like this it looks like caveman lived here how did our race ever survive”

  12. Hello, my name is Muller Jean Francois. I’am a artist, who art represents the world. My inspiration for my artwork comes from my dreams, and feelings. Images you can’t see, I can transfer those images in my artwork. My styles of paintings are: abstract, oil, acylic. If you want to represent my work you can contact me .

  13. Barry Schawrtz 2:00 ?

  14. Hooooo ! ! ! Thanks for the info.

  15. Try going home and telling your wife what you saw at the subway today.. she’ll call the doc.

  16. At a real art gallery a red dot means it’s sold.

  17. Lovely but… What does it mean the red dott ? ? ?

  18. I love the improv everywhere stuff. Its so nice to see everybody smiling and getting surprised. I wish they had something like this to break up the tedium of some days

  19. I’m loving the Cilian Murphy lookalike guy. So serious

  20. If they had put out an ad on craigs list or something that there was going to be a subway themed art gallery at the subway station a couple of days before, i bet there would be quite a few hipsters stopping by 😛

  21. this is so creative and soooo much fun!

  22. these guys are saving the planet.

    i dont know how, but there doing it.

  23. dude this people are genius :3

  24. Rule # 34: No matter how innocent or childish something is, there WILL be porn for it.

  25. the old man is just awesome! I love that guy