How to Stretch Fine Art Canvas Painting Gallery Wrap

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  3. 30inventionman

    I ‘ll stretcher pliers, But how do i buy linen for a 75″ x 60 “?

    I am a master painter.

  4. @kitkatkitchen

  5. a big help, looked at a lot of videos but this worked best for me thanks

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  8. Very informative video.

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  10. Thank you sooooo very much for this video, I recently purchased a reproduction of “The Starry Night” and I’ve always wondered how to stretch canvas, rather than taking it into a store and paying alot to get it done. I really do appreciate you sharing this with us ! !

  11. louisprofeta50

    I thought you stretch before adding the paint, I guess it doesn’t matter if you like painting on a flat surface, I like painting on the easel straight up.

  12. Nice video,

    wow!!…… thanks very much for the session.  I’ll work on that now,,,

  13. organizingwithe

    This was just what I was looking for! I included it on my blog today…..

  14. Hi ! Thank you ! You make it easy to fallow! I like that!

  15. Wow! Great tip! That’s fantastic! Thanks so much! 🙂

  16. iLOVENATURE2011

    this is actually a good tutorial… stretching my canvass would be easier from now on…=) ty

  17. Very informative video, thanks, just a few questions, wouldn’t it be ideal to stretch a canvas first to minimise any white corners/edges & how would an artist preserve an acrylic painting other than keeping it out of direct sunlight?

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  19. Çok itici bir ses tonun var!

  20. Thanks for this. I’m working on putting some of my photography on a canvas frame. I’ll be watching the bit about the corners a few times when i get around to it

  21. kitkatkitchen

    Nice video but I wish the corner folding was more clear.

  22. I have never used any of those items to stretch a canvass. The way you stretch a canvass on anything has it roots in upholstering techniques. You can research that for more complicated things. If you are doing a circle it is important to make small even notches every inch or so, to allow it to make a drum fit. This is an old sewing trick. The lip on a factory-made stretcher bar keeps canvass from touching the wood bar. Create a lip on other things with a pc. of cardboard.

  23. I like to use the 1.5 inch stretcher bars for artwork I do not intend to frame Fredrix Heavy Duty Pine Stretcher bars are very good. The trick is to pick a brand and stay with it as they fit brand to brand ( as well as size to size). I like the larger stretcher bars as they need little cross support on bigger canvass sizes. Dick Blick website is a good place to buy them.

  24. I prefer to use wooden plates and corkboards, anything you can inform me about that?
    itd be appreciated.