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  1. Fyifty-thyousand pyounds.

  2. Same here….problematic when you’re a 23 year old male…

  3. Hahahaha… brilliant. Victoria Wood and French and Saunders are to blame for 90% of my personality today. Love ’em.

  4. Victoria Wood mentioned something like that. “In Top Shop my hips set off an alarm, and giant metal screens come down. “No, you can’t come in here!” “But it’s for my daughter” “No, No, don’t come in. Try ASDA!”

  5. I got that look more than once in shops like Zegna, and Prada, and A&F… mainly because I’m a fat bastard and wasting my time trying to get anything to fit me in shops like those. The look they give you. It’s a look that screams: “It’s hopeless, you coming in here. Your thighs are wider than this store, now GET OUT!!!!!!!!”

  6. Kinetsie Varvenfloot

    Blow me harder, cunt.

  7. Shut your filthy ass, Miss Piggy

  8. Kinetsie Varvenfloot

    No sale til seex pyuh aihm.

  9. I wonder if the Prue and Trude characters in Kath and Kim were inspired by this sketch?

  10. I have seen that look a lot. Sometimes I didn’t even have to walk in, just peak through the window.

  11. Absolute classic !

  12. My mate used to do this kind of stuff,
    he was a posh twat though!

  13. “The artist is a shaaaiiy genius”

  14. @ 3:22 Lmao at the woman as she walks to the door.

  15. The look they give that woman when she walks in!!! <3 F&S

  16. Lol. If the Queen was a shop girl…

  17. One of my favourite French & Saunders sketches EVER!!!

    Even now EVERY Christmas without fail a friend will ask me to bring ” the champers and the mini mince piiiess ”