French & Saunders: art gallery

Artwork Gallery Video clip Score: 5 / five

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  1. – Recognised´╗┐ her as soon as I saw that walk XD

    Brilliant, three of my favourite women all in one sketch. What more could I ask for? ­čÖé

  2. Wait, I meant to say I was like O_O´╗┐ when I saw Sue Perkins

  3. I was like´╗┐ O

  4. how old is this? I would like to know if they could have been inspired by Trude& Prue from Kath&Kim.

    Funny, Kaczynski is a Polish populist politician (His twim´╗┐ brother was president, and died in a plane crash).

  5. This is the final Kachyinskyeh.´╗┐ Which complyietes his collyectyion. Did you get the chyampers and the mini myince pyies?

  6. Oh´╗┐ that’s ghaaastly

  7. Not a soowell has bin in ­čÖé We´╗┐ are norrrttt liyke thiasss

  8. Les Dots Orange, as I call them!´╗┐

  9. No Sorry No Absolutly not, not till 6 py aym.



  10. “the´╗┐ pyantyangs…”

  11. the world of art is exactly that ! So funny
    But I have to admit that ,they are trying to make fun of the upper middle class accent is a bit ridiculous , as they have very UMC accents themselves !
    It would´╗┐ have been much funnier with there own voices ….. darling

  12. I’ve been in a couple of Art´╗┐ galleries, who have made me feel exactly like that first woman who came in and left immediately! These ladies know TOO MUCH, and seem to show us how it’s done! Thanks for posting! 5 ***** and into favs for me. ; )

  13. lol brittish prue and trude from kath´╗┐ and kim

  14. Animalcrossing95

    “i told´╗┐ him to fack off” XD

  15. I´╗┐ can now see where pru and tru from kath and kim had inspiration from…

  16. This was cut to ribbons wasn’t it? We had another couple come´╗┐ in

  17. “…lot of his´╗┐ work hanging in vaults all over the world.”

  18. One of their best´╗┐ sketches.

  19. I love how Dawn says ‘Hello Magazine’ – her´╗┐ posh accent is so funny!

  20. I just love F&S reaction at 1:45.
    Some art dealers are´╗┐ really like that, giving a snobbish and contemptuous look to who visits their galleries.