Apr 13

Turkin to take photography class

Ray Turkin, a fine art photographer fron Teaneck, will teach a 2 session class – Photo Editing for Beginners at Teaneck Community Education Center, on 17th  April and 24th April from 7 pm to 9 pm. Now do you have digital snaps but does not know what to do with those, then this classes are perfect for you. Join Ray’s class and learn how to process digital snaps on a computer.

Ray will keep things very simple as well as he will look at step-by-step procedures to organize snaps, make general adjustments, as well as share pictures with family and friends. To register for these class – call at 201 833 5514 or contact – Teaneck Community Education Center, One Merrison Street.

Turkin’s extensive travel and his interest in hiking have afforded him the scope to capture all the nature’s beauty with his camera. He generally emphasizes on the on the utilization of natural light to bring out subtle textures, colors, shapes and create moods.

He tales a course on – The Basics of Digital Photography of at The Art School at the Old Church in Demarest. He is also an instructor at Teaneck Community Education Center and at times he also offers private instruction. Ray Turkin also took a workshop on taking pictures of flowers at The Art Center of Northern New Jersey in New Milford. To add to that, he also conducts slide presentations which shows locations where he has gone and has arranged his “Meet the Artist” events.

Mar 13

Rick Milton’s photography business

Rick Milton has seen some of his clients grow up before his eyes, rather I must say his camera lens. There is hardly anything cooler than to photograph the marriage of somebody that he photographed when they were a little kid in preschool or at elementary school. Milton told that kids are his favorite. He love the little guys. Those kids call him Mr. Rick.

Rick Milton Pho­tography, owned by Rick himself, is at 3830 Wash­ing­ton Road. It opened his door for twenty seven years ago. The busiest time of the studio is from June to through Christmas. Milton told that there is not a lot of downtime for them. They were diversified enough that when one thing is slow, they were working on something else.

Rick works along with his wife Pam, who works as the office manager. His daughter Shelby also works part time since high school. He also has another photographer as well as a bookkeeper on staff.

The best thing Milton did till now as far as learning to run a business is learning to delegate it to his wife. Pam has a good business responsibilities on her shoulders. She runs the day-to-day business of the studio and that is very important. This is an art form, but it is actually a business. Unfortunately, that is one of the reasons that a lot of people could not make it.

After graduating from Art Institute of Atlanta, Milton started his career at a photo stdio in Atlanta. He used to go to Augusta for work. Later, after getting all necessary equipment, he started his own business in Evans.

Feb 13

Photography is a huge asset for home sellers

Homebuyers are spoiled for selection in current market – whether they are looking through weekend Property Week or the real estate sites, there are many homes for sale in price range. Keeping that in mind, pictures of a property might make a difference between a move on to investigate the next listing or potential buyer deciding to call an agent.

Sean Robinson, a local Top Snap property photographer told that there has been a lot of research done overseas that indicates professional photography can make tens of thousands of dollars difference in the sale price of a property. From personal experience when he was looking for an investment property he gave up looking at anything that did not look good from the snaps.

Recently, a survey of over six hundred Australian real estate agents found that 99% of them tell that property photography is the most essential thing for a successful marketing.

The agents who followed believed that in addition to heighten a home’s presentation, pro photography also helps to get more buyers, increases inquiries as well as clicks on internet campaigns. In spite the stats, several vendors stay away from spending those extra money on pro photographs. Sean told that this is a small investment to attract that initial interest, first impressions are really important.

He added that when they use studio lighting to get rid of dark shadows and corners, plus we have other techniques like retouching to make sure they show the property in its best possible light.

Jan 13

Hergert photography book

Craig W. Hergert, a photographer from Bozeman, will host the opening of a new work exhibit in addition with the release of his new book called, “Montana: Skiing the Last Best Place.” The show opening will take place on 22nd December, Saturday, from 5 pm to 8 pm at the 406 Brewery in Bozeman. This would be a small preview of the book that will be officially available from 18th January. Five signed prints as well as 2 signed books will be handed as door prizes during the opening event.

Montana: Skiing the Last Best Place deals with all the seventeen ski regions in the area. The magnificent pictures brilliantly describe the atmosphere, lifestyle as well as the charm of winter in the state.

Craig W. Hergert has also collaborated with Brian Hurlbut, a local writer, who contributed with all the stories of each ski regions. On the other hand Warren Miller, the well known ski film maker, has written the introduction for the book. The whole result is a beautiful one that describes the skiing culture of the state in beautiful and unique way.

Montana: Skiing the Last Best Place ahd tried to hold the present manifestation of this sport in this state that includes current ticket prices, sweeping panoramic vistas as well as photographs of apres ski watering holes.

Hergert is a well known photographer. In the year 2010, his talent was recognized by the Secretary of State as a treasured Montana artist.

Dec 12

Photographer creates Hurworth wildlife guide

A photographer has brought about a wildlife and walking guide after he got inspired by his surroundings. Each day, sixty two year old John Buxton spends many hours by walking around Hurworth with his dog. During that time he had taken thousands and thousands of wildlife pictures that surrounds that area.
Instead of keeping the pictures in his computer, he decided to make a booklet to show the biodiversity of that region as well as the number of walking paths available around Hurworth village.

He told that all the snaps were taken during last one and a half year. He really loves photography and after he retired, he decided that he would go out walking more and take snaps of wildlife in that region. He added that he was really surprised to see different kinds of wild species in and around his village. He knew that the number would be plenty, but when he saw the actual figure, he was really surprised.

In one day, he used to click more than four hundred photographs and when he thought to do something useful, he came up with the idea of creating a booklet. Then he thought that he would create something useful so that people could know the area better and what is out there.

Mr Buxton’s booklet’s name is Wildlife and Walking in Hurworth and the price of the booklet is £ 5. All profits from that book will be given to the International Humanity United Kingdom that supports a Sri Lankan village, which was destroyed in the 2004 tsunami.

Nov 12

Samsung Galaxy Camera Out Soon

The most talked about Samsung Galaxy Camera is all set to arrive in Singapore. This Samsung galaxy camera features 21x optical zoom optics, 4.8 inch screen and is capable of recording full HD movies. The biggest advantage of this camera is its capability to transfer files and content via Bluetooth and the downloading applications enhances the power of this device.

The Samsung Galaxy camera which was recently launched worldwide became the second most powerful device after Nokon Coolpix. The recent version of this device featuring Android 4.1 is all set to release. The device comes in dark blue and white in color. A quick glance of the device was shown at the Photokina tradeshow. The features incorporated in the device will not only amaze you but will help you have an amazing experience.

Another astounding feature of Samsung Galaxy is its Auto Cloud Backup. This particular function helps in uploading photos automatically to the cloud service while capturing an image. Some of the key features that this device boasts are 16 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor, Onboard W-Fi, 1080p video recording, 4.4 inch wide touch screen. You will surely not get all these features on any other camera.

Accessible in both black and white color, the 3G version of Samsung galaxy camera is schedule to hit the local stores of Singapore in the month of November. The date is not finalized yet but is expected to hit the stores at the beginning of the month. The market price has not been decided yet so it’s better to check the updates so that you can get in touch with the latest information.

Oct 12

An off Saturday turns busy for Jim

As you know because of the storms all of Friday’s country football games were shifted to Saturday. Jim had his Saturday marked on his calendar as day off all kinds. He thought that he would click some sports but then he would have his day off.

But programs are made to be broken and since he is a spots photographer, his time has to be flexible all the time. Jim is quite sure that how the football players feel regarding a Saturday match. If Friday’s game is postponed and the players have to play the game on the neat day, then it is really annoying for them. Generally, the student rooters are nit huge fans of Saturday matches as just few were attending the games.

Still, as a photographer, he was quite happy, not only a scope to click football in the daylight, but as all the games were rescheduled, he made it to all the 3 matches. Jim just likes to get a scope to click the snaps of the game with sunlight on his back and it makes him able to look at the faces under the helmets. And Saturday was really a nice day under the blue sky along with puffy clouds.

He began his day at the Tri-West for North game. From there he also went to Danville for South game. In sports photography, the better the player appears the better the pictures look and that is why he hates to see players getting injured.

Aug 12

Canon Power Shot SX150 IS

Canon Power Shot SX150 IS is the successor of Canon Power Shot SX 130 IS, according to Tim from Wedding Photography Cheshire. This particular camera belongs to the point of shoot category. The particular model from Canon is an excellent model for individuals who are in search of high quality point shoot camera. The model has got a very trendy look and available in various colors like black, grey, maroon, etc. it is very easy to handle and light weight camera. You can carry the particular stuff to anywhere you wish to.

This 14.1 mega pixel compact camera has got 12x zoom lens with inbuilt optical image stabilizer. The company has given 3.0 inch LCD screen but like most of the point and shoot camera this particular model also lacks a view finder.

Digic 4 image processor helps to click non stop pictures and very intelligent IS technology has been given in the particular model. Along with face detection feature the company has also given face tracking and face time option which make the camera really special from others. Moreover, 32 different shooting modes are installed in Canon Power Shot SX150 IS. This is an ideal camera for a beginner who has got passion for photography.

Even the camera has got an option of customized setting where an individual has got the option of individually changing the settings of the camera according to his or her own wish. The entire setting can only be changed in the manual mode of the camera. It works on 2AA batteries and supports SDXC memory card. The camera has got a range of ISO from 80 to 1600.

One can also shoot non stop video in full high definition with this particular camera. The current price of the camera is $229. Moreover it is very easy to handle. So just grab Canon Power Shot SX150 IS and never miss to capture any special moments.

Jul 12

Famous Photographers Quiz

We’ve got Tim from Midland Hotel Manchester wedding photographer to set us some Photograpy questions.  Do you know the answers?  (Answers will be provided at the end of the article)

a-      Andrew Varchola, Jr. was known as…

b-      Who is the photographer of the famous “White Flower”?

c- Who publish the book of Photographs called “Auromatic”?

d- The author of “West and West: Reimagining the Great Plains” was?

e-      Who was considered an expert at photographing Masonic Lodges in the late 1900’s?

f- Who is the author of the book “The Cult of the Street”?

g- The book “Tulsa” is a pictorial documentary of….by…..?

h- Jim Lee, the famous fashion photographer for Vogue, Ives St Laurent and Gianni Versace, was born in 1945 in the city of…..?

i- What is the most famous work of Jeff Wall?

j- What was the special field of photography of Doris Ulmann?


a- Andrew Warhol

b- Sakae Tamura

c- Filip Naudts

d- Joe Deal

e- Laurence Aberhart

f- Henry Bond

g- …his experiences in the Vietnam War with drugs….Larry Clark

h- London

i- “Dead Troops Talk”

j- People of the rural South of America and the Appalachia