Art Gallery

Mar 15

Digital Builds – Art Gallery in SketchUp 8

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Feb 15

The opening of the Arame Art Gallery “Sensual Revelations” exposition

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Jan 15

Safari Travelogue on photography Kenya forest parks

Pamela Peters, the Nature photographer, was the speaker at the Safari Museum travelogue presentation just last week. Pamela Peters spoke on a tour to Kenya that she took along with her aunt as well as others previous year to tour some of Kenyas reserves and national parks.

Pamela is a professor at the Lane College in Jackson, Tennessee as well as author of Photographing Kenyas Backyard. She also operates the Wild Radiance Photography, owned by her. Pamela added that a tour to Kenya was a more than an exciting scope to visit some of the places that had been visited by Martin and Osa Johnson. Pamelas Masters thesis was a documentary regarding Osa Johnson. Continue reading →

Jan 15

Harley Brown’s Art Gallery

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Dec 14

Agora Gallery, Chelsea, NYC, Art Gallery Video. Opening Reception November 7th, 2013

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Nov 14

Art gallery – Saxondale – BBC

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Oct 14

Process Art with THEFL | LA Street Art Gallery

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Sep 14

[App Trailer] Kids Art Gallery

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Aug 14

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

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