AGO – Art Gallery of Ontario – Re-Opening November 2008

Art Gallery Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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  1. TreasuresTresors

    Hi Svglettuce, great video! The new Frank Gehry design of the AGO compliments the street without looking too alien or out of place. You should consider submitting this to the Canada’s Got Treasures collection by joining our YouTube group (/group/TresorTreasure). It would be made available on our channel and website. Help celebrate Canadian diversity!

    Canada’s Got Treasures, a VMC initiative

  2. sorry but don’t know of the commercial you are looking for and only have my own shot footage in the video. Have a look under the Related Videos to the right of the page here as it may help.

  3. elowandneesers

    do you have the commercial for this by any chance?

  4. I was there a couple of weeks ago and I am going to the AGO tomorrow too. Just an awesome art gallery, I will admit. Take you friends, family, relatives. Just take someone with you so that you can learn from each other when critiquing. Hope you have fun 🙂

  5. Very well done – some nice close ups to really appreciate the art in the design!