AC/DC – The Exhibition: Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow

Artwork Gallery Movie Ranking: five / five

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  1. Went´╗┐ today and thought it was great. Reading the personal letters Bon wrote to his friends & family while on tour were the hilights for me.
    Overall it was an excellent! ­čÖé

  2. damn this´╗┐ is dream for me … if i just can go there

  3. went yesterday best £2 I ever spent!! wow to stand so close to stuff that belonged to Bon!! spent ages reading all his letters
    excellent exhibition so glad I went up to Glasgow, thanks everbody xxx´╗┐

  4. I went yesterday 28-11, loved it, brought back´╗┐ some great memories, thanks to all who contributed to organising this exhibition.

  5. Just booked my flight to go over and see this exhibition am sooooooooo lookin forward to it´╗┐ and also to visitin Glasgow so names of good pubs,places to eat etc would be greatly appreciated,thanks

  6. blackwell1122

    Saw the exhibition a couple of weeks ago with my 20 year old son.Hard to believe I was only 17 when I first saw’ ‘the lads’ at the Mayfair in Newcastle in ’77. Still well into the band after all this time………….My sister gave me her ACDC ticket from 13th Nov ’76 as a 50th birthday pressy last year (she has kept them all from Bowie, T Rex, etc.)´╗┐ Now what is that worth…………………….

  7. Loved the exhibition and thanks to everyone involved in the organisation of it. I really enjoyed sitting on the benches provided in the room off to the right side of´╗┐ the big screen, watching early footage of the band at The Apollo in Glasgow in the late ’70s. Good to learn more about Bon, with many original letters sent by him to loved ones and friends. xx Do you know what? Just decided I am coming back for another visit!!!!

  8. Can’t wait to go over just have to book the flights for after Christmas… pressie to myself and lookin forward to going to Glasgow have always wanted´╗┐ to and what better excuse….

  9. an amazing ehibition…was there on saturday…spent 2hrs in awe…many thanks lads!

  10. LongLiveThrash93

    Was there today. It is a brilliant´╗┐ collection with some really cool pieces ­čśÇ

  11. GlasgowMuseums

    Many thanks for all your kind´╗┐ comments.

    Glasgow Museums

  12. Simly´╗┐ the best .

  13. missdmudpuddle1

    Can’t wait for this to come to the States. So looking forward to´╗┐ this one!

  14. AC-DC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!´╗┐

  15. Almost 40 years rocking….it┬┤s amazing…keep on 40 years more….´╗┐

  16. LadyWindermere100

    Hurrah! I´╗┐ do not mind paying my council tax now. I’ll be there………

  17. Jimmy666Olsen

    I am´╗┐ SO THERE!

  18. yeah i thought´╗┐ that was what you were asking? what do you mean then? :S

  19. no thats when´╗┐ it ends ­čśë

  20. 12 february (it´╗┐ says at the start haha)

  21. when is this´╗┐ until? ­čÖé

  22. Cannot´╗┐ wait!

  23. Bon is a legend´╗┐

  24. Worst promotional video´╗┐ ever, but i will still be there for sure.

  25. na´╗┐ na na na na na na