Abstract Art, Step by Step Process Painting Landscape Original Painting, Three Islands

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  1. absolutely check out my website at abstractartlesson(dot)com

  2. Do you have any lessons using palette knives??

  3. Can this painting be done with oils??

  4. the only problem is that parts of the painting where the oil paint is very thick would dry in probably months.
    peter, btw – when the thick acrylic dries up, doesn’t it crack?

  5. thank you for your nice comment!

  6. absolutely!

  7. I love your paintings! so beautiful. I was wondering if i can make something similar to this with oil paint. I just love working with it, I love how it slides on the canvas. 🙂

  8. peter dranitsin is one of my favorite abstract artists, if not THE favorite. and this is the best sort-of-abstract landscape i’ve ever seen. i’m just very sorry that it wasn’t me the one to paint it. why didn’t I think about it??? ME!! ME!! ME!!!!!!

  9. Thank you!

  10. I LOVE your paintings… I work in a store that sells art, and a abstract canvas painting can cost up to $300 dollars in my store… Watching you makes me want to start painting and see what i can come up (plus save money)… Thankz for your lessons 🙂

  11. good luck and thank you for your comments!

  12. thank you for your comments!

  13. thank you for your comments!

  14. merci de nous aider dans nos début ….. heu … thanks to help us in our beginning

    et bravo!!

  15. Very beautiful! You make it look very easy…lol

  16. I LOVE ALL YOUR WORK! I’m going to sit down now and paint because you’ve inspired me ! thank you for sharing your techniques and beautiful paintings 🙂 your videos have really helped me

  17. thank you for watching and leaving your comments!

  18. thank you for watching!

  19. thank you!

  20. thank you!

  21. thank you very much 🙂

  22. thank you so much for watching!

  23. thank you!

  24. nicee!!

  25. Very inspiring. Thanks!