420 Vancouver BC Marijuana rally 2010 at the Art Gallery

Art Gallery Online video Score: 5 / five

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  1. so do i bro BC BUD FOR THE FUCKING WIN. I love this country /salute

  2. I live in Canada thx

  3. if the world doesnt end in 2012 dec 24 at 11:59 lol

  4. i was there that day and it was freaking epic there was big ass joints and everything there was even a topless chick with a gas mask bong it was unbelievable cant wait to go again.

  5. fuck i love being canadian.

  6. welcome to canada buddy :D

  7. I really don’t have time for fools, idiots, and nutbars. I made a video about a rally to legalize marijuana. If there are complete idiots out there who want to drag me into who is selling pot at a rally then they can go fuck themselves.

  8. Thats a bit harsh. YOu could find sombody who says yeah my friend grew this stuff i am selling and have proof

  9. Who knows? I don’t. If you don’t realize that no one knows where pot comes from you must be a complete idiot.

  10. SO are you saying that some of the weed at the rallies could be from criminal gangs or even impossible to tell

  11. DavidSIlvercloud

    There is no way to know where pot comes from. Support decriminalization of marijuana and the gang related problem will go away on its own.

  12. Are some of the people who sell weed at the rally’s supporting the traffickers that goes on between canada and the usa? I was pleased i managed to find some weed at the last rally but afterwards i was worried that i might be buying from people who are trafficing cocoaine between canada and usa and fuding other criminals.

  13. razorbladelove101

    yeah they have a joint tosss every year

    holy fuck be there at exactly 420 0.0 KILLs

    bccc budd !!

  14. FunLovingCriminals77

    get down get down

  15. @jaokhai c’mon man don’t b a dick

  16. hey thats my son over there. when i get home ill kill him.

  17. detredwings1363

    i think i know wear im going

  18. DavidSIlvercloud

    Yes… they actually hand out pot. Not enough for a crowd of thousands but there is pot being smoked all around you so just breath the air.

  19. they actually hand out pot???

  20. Anyone in whiterock got bud email at ethankits@gmail.com

  21. @upgrayedd96 legalize it – more than half the people in America

  22. so hazy lol

  23. dude there was the absolute greatest hot dog stand right across the street from this. perfect location