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  1. 2:38 .. two 13 year olds smoking joints

  2. Congratulations sir, your what the rest of the world calls a complete fucking moron, have fun and continue to waste your time writing rubbish like this. K thnx bai!

  3. Itzthetjjshow


  4. Thats a shame bro. Get high on Jesus instead

  5. Itzthetjjshow

    i lov god but i lOVE weed more say truth not a lie

  6. I prey for you.

  7. FUCK religion that is the most outdated thing ever.

  8. It is a sin bro.

  9. Preaching to the choir bro. weed is a gateway drug. not only will one puff potentially shut down your nervous system (if the bud is too dank like the doc told myus about cousin’s death) but it can also make your smoke meth or heroin and eventually you will become a prostitute to fund your addiction. Sad but true

  10. marijuana is actually more harmful than crystal meth and heroin combined bro. watch out on that shit bro. one hit of marijuana smoke, 99% of exploding into a million pieces bro.

  11. MRSherlockHemlock

    lots of people my mother wouldnt approve of.

  12. IcarusTrebonius

    In the humble words of someone who is really high as a kite, for fuck’s sake duuuude…

  13. graffitiworldclass

    haha we r all lovers man…we alll get together and smoke some green just like some people smoke cigarets or alchool we do cause we waanna u..and u waisted a bunch of ur time writting that………aND ITS ALLMOST 420 SMOKE SOME FUCKIN WEED and its my brthday

  14. Swed420budkiller

    2:38 fail toke kid
    cant wait to be here again in 2 days

  15. whats wrong with being attracted to the same sex you fuck

  16. The kid in 2.38 is such a fag he dosent even inhale

  17. cant wait for fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  18. lol  he didnt even inhale

  19. surely you would want some some reasurance that you are smoking weed grown by nice responsible people and not gun toting gangsters e.t.c.

  20. nah man les just stay home n geet hiigh (sarcasm intended)

  21. The kid at 2:36 looks like such a rookie