Payday 2 Gameplay Preview – Art Gallery Heist

Artwork Gallery Video clip Score: 5 / 5

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  1. Looks very nice. A huge upgrade from Payday the Heist. I hope this lives up
    to the gameplay.

  2. Looking forward to this, gonna be fun.

  3. Wow that’s pretty awsem! But there has to be some level of porting…then
    optimisation done for each to a high level. Is the PC the main plat?

  4. fun especially online co op

  5. PSN did not get No Mercy due to licensing issues regarding Left 4 dead.
    Also, PC got more patches more often because patching on steam’s cheaper
    than the thousands of dollars they had to spend to patch on PSN. (some
    sources say $40,000 per patch)

  6. Pretty much anybody who bought the first one + new fans. :)

  7. Wow, love the Michael Mann gunshots; this might actually be the closest
    thing to a playable Heat!

  8. You can use a controller if ya want, this one should, as it’s on Xbox too,
    where the first was not.

  9. Well, PC players still got more than PS players, even without no mercy and
    the frequent patches.

  10. Well the first one was a PSN game….ported to PC, I don’t know about this
    one, but I was wondering so that I could add em n we could game sometime.

  11. well i played number 1 thats why but it looks wayy bbteeetter than payday 1
    and its more stuff not the same shit but when you play with friends its
    funn fun fun fun

  12. this doesnt look as good as i imagined it to be, hows the gameplay feel?

  13. Can’t wait for this!!

  14. HulkSmashPunyHumans

    I was going to get the first one day on the Steam sale but the game doesn’t
    support controllers. I know rah! rah! rah! for mouse look aiming and all
    that PC MASTER RACE! noise but I’ve just gotten more used to playing games
    with a controller… so I passed. I hope the next one supports controller
    use on Steam though.

  15. This one is not ported at all! It’s done separately for each platform.

  16. Just wondering, who’s getting this on Steam?

  17. PC got about 20 updates, PS got about 2 or 3…

  18. Thanks. :)

  19. We get the same stuff as PSN, I got it on both, well, actually the PS one
    got content a few days before, there was more updates, and included more
    stuff. The PC caught up, but didn’t get more, the content was the same.

  20. They changed it so PC will be PAYDAY’s lead platform, the PC players got
    MUCH more in PAYDAY 1.

  21. Looks so epic

  22. How much will this cost and will it be an arcade game or an disk release?

  23. I’m surprised you think that I thought it was an awesome trailer.

  24. The last bits random that only happens rarely as thats an escape part

  25. anyone else thought it reminded them of moive heat when the bank hiest went